Who am I?

I am a rising junior.

My major is sociology, a subject that I love taking course in. My focus tends to be on race and class issues.

I love being at Hunter College and have had some fantastic opportunities here.

I am an avid tennis fan and I am always looking for new people to play with, so hit me up if you are too 🙂

I was interested in taking this course for multiple reasons. I consider myself a feminist; that term carries a negative connotation for many people. Feminism means an opportunity for me to grow and gain a respected identity. My family comes from a culture where women are limited to the scope of the family. Domestic violence, lack of control over one’s body, and even lack of control over social life are too familiar. Growing up in New York, I would very much deviate from that mentality so feminism was a natural attraction.

As I have mentioned previously, I am a sociology major. The aspect of health and social factors is important to me. Why is it that certain groups (membership into which is beyond our control) have better health than others? Why are infants in group X more prone to asthma than infants in group Y?


Anyone who lived before the Internet era always says this has changed it all! And it is true. Our notions of space and time are not what they were 30 years ago. Recently, the Internet has seen a rise in online activism. It is debatable if the Internet really does aid in political participation – still it is an open platform to connect with those with a similar agenda as you.


I have attempted to maintain several blogs in past years. I know this one will be well maintained because my grade depends on it!



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