Health Care: Where are the Colored Women (Again)?

So, the disparities between racial groups are a well known-fact in the academic world at this point. The general American public is starting to see that there is a problem with how healthcare is for-profit in this country. Among all this debate/conversation/politics/bullshit/ [or insert your own word here], where are the minority women?


This past year, Maya Angelou has added other tasks alongside her poetry. Maya Angelou Schools are for urban youth who have not performed well in the traditional school systems. She had a charity run this past April to fund future options for these children to acquire college education and have a chance at success.

Personally, I don’t that runner looks very happy… Ms. Angelou has noticed that, too.

In her own town of Winston-Salem in North carolina, Maya Angelou has taken a responsibility to implement a women’s health and wellness center at thirteen different hospitals. Maya Angleou also has a center focused on closing the health disparities amongst minorities at Wake Forrest university. Only last year, did the CDC release a report on the inequality of health in the United States of America. No wonder that people like Maya Angelou must take away precious time from poetic discourse to addressing our social and cultural problems. Last time I checked, Ms. Angelou was not an elected official. It is an utter shame that we pay taxes to our government, and  that responsibility is carried out by poetic civilians. What is even more shocking is that the CDC has released it first ever report on health disparity!

Yea, Nicki feels me.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Ghandi 

The American ideology is so centered around equal opportunity and hard work, but studies show how social structures and institutions enforce race, class, and gender inequality. The narrative is that we are in post racial society, a more equal society (President Obama, anyone?) Yet, coded words are used to hide the same racial and sexist innuendoes, such as Rush Limbaugh’s comments during Hilary Clinton’s race for presidency, asking if anyone really wanted to watch her age in the White House. Or when we hear “welfare” in politics, it is coded to bring about an image into a voter’s mind. Government hand outs make us Americans mad. Yea, f!scal this!

Okay, so Clinton sort of broke the glass ceiling. But there is one group of Americans who has been facing all sort of ceilings, fences, and wires for a long time! So who’s your pick? The Black woman or the Native American woman? Yes, life has been hard but she stands tall. Poverty, drugs, racism, sexism, lack of health care, violation of human rights, inaccurate media depiction – all this have plagued her for centuries in the land of opportunity. Other came for “the streets paved with gold”, but all she received was conquest, disease, and slavery.


One in three Native American women will be raped, which is thrice the national rate. Access to Plan B, a pill that is as easy to purchase as Hershey’s chocolate from a drug store, has been a formidable battle for women on the reservations. A Native American women was raped and beaten on her reservation, and it took the Indian Health service Hospital “many hours” to collect the DNA. This particular woman’s clinic is 100 miles away and it is the only one in the area…

Frankly, all this makes me sick! I can only leave you with this:

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