Wild Things: Black Women and Hypersexuality

In my Feminism, New Media, and Health class we had a videoconference with Professor Alondra Nelson . She discussed her work on the Black Panther Party and their health activism, an image that does not immediately come to mind when the Black Panthers are mentioned.

Some where along our conversation Professor Nelson discussed the hyper sexualized Black women. This happens to Latinas as well. Other forms this are brought upon other non-white ethnicities where the term “exotic” is imposed.

It was believed that the Black female was biologically apt to sexual activity. This went along with the narrative of the ‘Welfare Queen’, and protection of the moral code in comparison to white women.

This view of a ‘sexual savage’ has roots in the 1600s into contemporary times. Today it may be most present in music videos and advertisements.

The media is cruel to ALL women. The female consumer has become much more aware of the mistaken depictions of female bodies. In the case of Black women, their body proportions are expected to be exaggerated. Any of these Top 20 ladies will show you how the   boobs, butt, and wet skin can get you noticed. In fact many women will preform the role of a video vixen in a music video for no payment at all. It is seen that crucial and prestigious to bare it all for a famous rapper.


“You can’t tame a wild women,” but can you tame this:

The triable and animal prints decorate Black women in many forms of media. Wild & Exotic. Is it reference to Black women belonging to another species than homo sapiens? Is it that they love love making? Is it just making them the ‘other’ – infusing another ideology through martial goods? Whatever it is, it demeaning. It is coded racial semiotics.

Peanuts, anyone?



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