Pink Ribbons

As October has come along, the breast cancer strides, walks, runs have come along,too. It remains to be seen how much profit corporations like Avon and Yopliat have accumulated. October has been dubbed the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. But we are plenty aware of breast cancer. I have been to a Susan G. Komen walk. I have bought ziploc bags. Many consumers buy products that they feel will fund a “good cause”. That is such World War II terminology.


What does this 
or this
or this 
have to do with breast cancer? Um…nothing at all except perhaps the mica in the makeup or the processed chicken make contribute to cancer development!! Think before you pink, consumers.

While watching Pink Ribbons, Inc., there was a sinister presence of corporate greed. It was interesting to learn that:
1. many corporations, such as Revlon, spend more money or marketing rather than on the actual donations to cancer research
2. we do not know where our money is going. There is little research being done to find the cause of breast cancer (so how can we be the
3. The original breast cancer ribbon was  peach/salmon colored (sounds like a nail polish). Estee Lauder changed the color to pink after
Charlotte Haley refused to sell her ribbon to the company.
4. About half of the woman who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not fit any of the common markers for it.
5. Breast cancer is not pretty, pink, or fuzzy. Many woman actually feel alienated by all the corporate hype and optimism around the cancer.
The facts about breast cancer are not learned through cause related marketing.
6. United States has the most cases of breast cancer (according to statistics in 2009).

Breast cancer is now sexualized in the campaign to “save second base” – utterly problematic:


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