TV Junkies, Beauty Monkeys

It seems exploitation has a steady relationship with profit. It is no different when people’s emotions and health have become a means to obtain this profit. It is here where reality is deconstructed and modeled into agendas. That agenda may not have been a sinister one, but it’s results surely has dire consequences.
It is starting to become a fact that much of reality television is scripted. As much fun it can be to watch, reality television seeps into the rationale and cognition process of those view these programs. When Israeli Big Brother gave its contestants hallucinogen, without consent, it was an ethical issue. Drama is created for profit with consequences that can emerge much after the trip is over.
If Lindsay Lohan is framed within this monstrous frame of an addict on drugs – without any proper documentation to prove any of these claims – the general public starts to believe this newly constructed reality on addicts. The problem is reality television is specifically damaging to women from gender image to stereotypes of various class and racial backgrounds.

It sets a particular image; black or white the women have similar style, hair, clothing, and body type. There are barley any plus size women feature on the bourgeoise – glorifying reality television shows. More so, it promotes exponential form of consumerism. Breast implants to Juicy Couture sweatpants are highlighted and marketed to the middle class and working class that are unable to afford it. Every so often, the reality television stars will release a new product so you, the consumer, can relate to him or her.

  Paris Hilton Hair Straightener
Biggest Loser Vegetable Soup (currently sold out)
Reality television has begun to target the young ones in society. Toddler and Tiaras has set white washing standards for girls as young as two.  The sexualization of toddlers is quite expressive on the show as well as capitalistic emphasis on the necessity of products to acclaim beauty.


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