War, Poverty, Women (Blog 7)


We may lament over the rapes of woman in our town. We may cry out for the children killed in our school and neighborhoods. We may lament the father who lost his child while on military duty. However, women are raped everyday as tool of war as “soldiers have long regarded rape and pillage as privilege earned i the military” (Ashford). Children are mindlessly killed and die of malnutrition and preventable diseases. Families are torn apart everyday. We do not tolerate this here in the United States, so why does it still occur elsewhere?
One of the main steps necessary for such prevention is a international collation to hold sexual violence criminals accountable. Woman are often the ones who go out to get food and water. I remember reading that in Darfur, that men will not go out for water because they will be killed, woman will only be raped. Such a philosophy of tolerance is intolerant. We need international treaties, without the red tape, to bring justice to these women.
Secondly, mental health and physical health availability is absolutely essential.  Seeing violence and inhumanity everyday is a source of stress for families and individuals. There need to be more resources and invectives  for physicians and medical staff to go into these zones and provide care. More over, they should be able to verbally communicate with the people of the country and must be understanding of their culture. We value autonomy in our doctor-patient relationships, so it is a must for people of immense trauma to receive superb services. This also includes as global fund toward eradicating disease that no longer exist in the Western nations.
Mush more interactive data needs to be collected. The United Nations, World Health Organization and sociological associations of the world met do focus groups and analyze data. This is very important o see what needs are necessary in the pregnancy in refugee camps, school option, traumatic and mental incapacitates due to witnessing such atrocities, effect of local and international policy on the families, and much more. More women should be involved in the process due to cultural restraints.
At best and at most basic is the need for food, water, and shelter.

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