A Woman’s Power, not Biopower

I love theory. Of course none of it can fully explain a context within society, but it provides objective grounds to observe a phenomena we are involved in. When I first heard Michele Foucault’s theory of biopower, I was confused and intrigued. Biopower is a spectacle in which bodies and mind have focused on embracing preventative techniques to enhance life and quality – rather than protection from death.

We change the face of reality by participating in notion of medicalization. In our society were all things are a commodity (from emotions to healthcare), we start adopting those means to reach an end. The healthcare industry is based on profits. It relies in the expertise of the DSM to pay for particular medical procedure. Woman had to fight for the inclusion of PTSD so that health care industries would provide treatment. This natural occurrence of hormonal and physical stress after a woman gives birth had to become an illness under the capitalists system.


The mortality rates have doubled in past twenty five years. We spend around $98 billion dollars to conceive and give birth safely, but the U.S. still has alarming rate of death for mothers and in fats. And what about sexual drive. Pills promise to enhance these desires, when it   very much is an emotional lacking for most women who do not enjoy their sex lives. We embrace this intrusion of technology in to the natural occurrences of lives. These issues have existed for individuals for thousands of years. To medicalize and then embrace the ideology is the downfall of biopower and womanhood.

pill in mouth

Pills will never be feminine nor pretty. Wrinkles were never an abnormality. Sagging breasts or small breasts were never a “condition”.


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