G.I. Jane: Gendered Medical Discrimination

military.women_.istock1-e1341207839902   The militaristic style of life is extraordinarily different from civilian routine.
The view point of morality is shifted – where taking a human life means saving
one’s own. Hearing a loud bang results in hiding. Partnerships are more than a good time, but a means to survival.

Women in the service place themselves at heightened risk.  A woman is more leaky to be raped or sexually assaulted by her own than be ambushed by an enemy. The issue is not sufficiently addressed nor mentioned.


Until recently woman were not allowed to use their insurance funds to end an abortion due to rape. However, the anti-chocie groups in Congress are heavily against this. It is a true shame that Speaker of the House John Boehenar would dishonor the women who have voluntarily risk there lives for this country.


– There is a ninety-two percent chance that the criminal will avoid court martial and eighty two percent chance the crime will remain a secret. These statistics are too dire and horrible to understand.

– Every four hours a rape or sexual adult in reported in the Armed Forces.

– Only as recent as this month has the senate passed some access to abortion funds for women in the military.


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