Wow, where have you been?

I have noticed that an occasional cycberspace-d tumble weed will stroll by this blog. Two semesters ago, I put an awful amount of work into this blog. The analysis that I did for that course will not be wasted! My topic will only become much more broader than anything, actually. 



Peacock at the Bronx Zoo, NYC

As some of you know. My home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. I was without one for the next six months. I was incredibly depressed during that time. Hopelessness, worry, stigma had plagued my head. I did not share these feeling with others because I am not one to do so. The people I did share it with, let me down so I harbored most of it. 

I wanted to share with you what I went through.

My relatives had basically abandoned us.

For about a month after Hurricane sandy hit, we stayed in a city based shelter. My father was on immune-suppreseant and the shelter environment was not the best. I had to prepare for midterms during this time. At the end, the city treated everyone like cattle. It was minorities and low-income folks in the shelter. It made me see that if you have money (even middle-class) you can pull through such circumstances. Only like 1 or 2 of our friends helped us out – keeping some of our things, letting us take showers. 

After that, we maybe stayed for a month in the house which was flooded by Sandy. There was black mold growing everywhere. That house had only one light fixture working. So we basically lived on a candle and torches. There was no source of food storage. Our stove’s gas did not always come through. Resources like the Red Cross were not near our house. We had to drive more than a mile to get food everyday. It was horrible. It was so cold because this Nov/Dec.

After that a social worker got us into a very nice hotel. Thank God for that because we could not live like that for the next 5 months. The hotel stay was very pleasant, but it was not home. We were spending a lot of money in that hotel for food and such, which was difficult since were already poor.  

Finally in April 2013, we we found a stable home. 





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